Canon Creative Park

Creative Park: Print! Create! It's Fun.

Creative Park is an online collection of printing resources, all of which can be downloaded for free.
Download various different materials, and have fun making your own original goods!

What can be done? What kind of resources are there?

Gift & Cards.

The site is packed with birthday cards, gift cards and other materials that can be used for various events. There are also stylish gift boxes and letter sets (stationery and envelopes).

Paper Craft.

Assemble paper parts and make three-dimensional models. From cute animals to famous buildings from around the world, there are resources people of all ages can enjoy.


Make an original album to display your favorite photos with captions and decorations. There are all sorts of materials suited to various seasons and events.


3D Decoupage:
This craft involves layering several copies of the same picture in order to give a three-dimensional appearance. They're as much fun to make as they are to look at!

Paper Reliefs:
Paper reliefs are papercraft made by breaking a picture down into a number of parts and reassembling them in three-dimensional form. Paper reliefs can be used to decorate your home and create an attractive interior design.


Make an original calendar and decorate your home! There are many types to choose from, including craft type calendars and photo frame calendars you can display your favorite pictures in.

Photo Gallery.

Enjoy high definition photo data of town landscapes, natural scenery, flora, fauna, and sports scenes from all over the world.

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