Google Lively

3D Chat World: Lively by Google.

Chat and interact with your friends in rooms you design, using an avatar you customize. Experience another dimension of the web with Lively by Google.

Google Lively is a web-based virtual environment produced by Google Inc. currently in its beta stage. On the opening download page, users are invited to "Create an avatar and chat with" their "friends in rooms you design."

Lively is currently only supported on Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, using Windows XP or Windows Vista. It requires a special download as well as Flash. The program is designed to be integrated with the current Web and provide a new way to access information. This is enabled through the embedding of Lively 'rooms' into any HTML webpage- which means content can be provided in a two dimensional format, and communication surrounding the topic of that content can be made in the three dimensional 'room' without the need to enter a separate program. According to Google, a Mac OS X and Linux version are on the way as well.

Website: Google Lively.