Different Blood Types Comic 4

Different Blood Types Comic Part 4.

19. The reason why different blood types are unlikeable

20. When different blood types face with punctuality

21. When different blood types try to express themselves

22. The purpose of their lives

23. When different blood types study

24. The uniqueness of each blood types

Different Blood Types Comic Part 4.

Different Blood Types Comic 3

Different Blood Types Comic Part 3.

13. When different blood types are given a set of rules

14. When different blood types are asked to hang a painting

15. When different bloody types are playing games

16. When blood type B is reading a book about blood type analysis

17. Different blood types as depicted as spaces

18. The internal world of different blood types

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Different Blood Types Comic 2

Different Blood Types Comic Part 2.

7. When different blood types are driving

8. When different blood types are complaining about something unplesant

9. When different blood types are facing crisis

10. When different blood types gossip

11. When other blood types are trying to figure out what AB is doing

12. If the internal wold of each blood types is being represented as a house

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Different Blood Types Comic 1

Different Blood Types Comic Part 1.

Originated from a Korean site and then popularized and translated into Chinese, finally Jack the Beanstalk managed to do it in English as we were pretty much obsessed with this comic.

These cartoons are depicting how each blood types reacts to certain situation or what's their intrinsic attributes. Though it may not be all accurate but it is still a great entertainment.

1. When different blood types have a 3PM appointment

2. When different blood types are at the canteen

3. If the female blood type B is a cat

4. When blood type A communicates to blood type B

5. When blood type AB communicates to blood type O

6. Degree of patience for each blood type

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Meet the "MacTouch" and "MacBook Touch"

Rumor: MacBook touch Coming in October.

Sachiko Kodama

Sachiko Kodama Sculpture Explained.

Sachiko Kodama, Yasushi Miyajima "Morpho Towers -- Two Stand

Source: www.kodama.hc.uec.ac.jp

Sachiko Kodama: When I Met This Material.

While most visual artists prefer traditional materials
such as oil, acrylic, bronze and ceramic, Tokyo-based
magnetic nanoparticles, ferrofluids often contain high
levels of iron and, as such, are deeply affected by
and responsive to the presence of magnetic fields.
While the NASA-developed ferrofluids are being used
increasingly for commercial applications - on
everything from compact disks to weight-responsive car
suspension systems - Kodama is revolutionary in
applying their widely dynamic qualities to the fine
arts arena.

Using a computer to manipulate electro-magnetic fields
in the sculptures, Kodama coerces her stunning
ferrfluid pieces to grow and disintegrate, flower and
shed, and constantly reinvent themselves without the
aid of animatronics or video wizardry.

Website: Sachiko Kodama.

Art Sculpture

Amazing Magnetic Art Sculpture!

This art piece is by SACHIKO KODAMA and currenly on display at the Patricia Faure Gallery at the Bergamot Station. THIS VIDEO IS NOT TIME LAPSE. IT IS ALL FILMED AND PLAYED BACK IN REAL TME.

In 2000, Sachiko began work on a ferrofluid art project that she named "Protrude, Flow".
Ferrofluid is a very interesting material originally developed by NASA it has now found itself been used for a whole range of devices including dampers for controlling and stabilizing large building that move around in the wind. Whats also amazing is that they have such lovely visual qualities when magnetized. The term liquid architecture is used a lot in interactive architecture based on the ideas of how architecture becomes animated by adding the 4th Dimension of Time. Sachiko has taken this idea of liquid architecture more literally with these stunning sculptures made from Ferrofluid which changes its state by the introduction of electro-magnetic waves into the fluid turning it solid. As you stand around and watch this piece, you get literally mesmerized as the ferrofluid (guided by magnets) follows its track and changes its forms.

Protrude Flow

A Ferrofluidic Sculpture "Protrude Flow" by sachiko kodama and Minkako Takeno.

Source: kodama.hc.uec.ac.jp

Water Flow Art

Introduction The Water Flow Art.

Dancing Liquid

Some Odd Liquid on a Subwoofer.

Temporary Sculpture

Martin Klimas: Temporary Sculpture.

Martin Klimas may carefully control his studio environment, but his pictures are greatly left to chance. With a strobe light and one sheet of film, Klimas captures each individual experience of a porcelain figurine being dropped and obliterated. As the statuettes in his pictures fall to their fragile demise, Klimas is able to capture a new structure that only exists for an instant.

His photographs explore time and material objects—an object that can be intact and so serene one minute can easily be destabilized the next. These figurines display a perpetual sense of motion. The intention of this process is that the process of an action creates a new object. Every picture becomes a sculpture on its own by showing the transformation of an object that no longer exists.

Gallery: Martin Klimas Photography

Amazing Picture

12 Amazing Pictures.